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RealBridge Practice Sessions

With the round robins of the CWTC and CSTC taking place on RealBridge in January, we have arranged some CBF only practice sessions.
The schedule for these sessions is: December 10, 17, 27 and 29, 2022, and January 3 and 4, 2023. They will take place at different times, and 12 or 16 boards will be played for a duration of about 1.5 or 2 hrs.
Links to join these sessions will be posted at the appropriate time some time before each session.
Continue to see the schedule and more information.

Registration is Open for the CWTC and CSTC – CWTC Revised RR Dates

Registration deadlines are December 15th for CSTC and December 30th for CWTC. Entry fees are $480 for the round robin, that will be played on RealBridge – CSTC RR: January 7 & 8, CWTC RR: January 13 (starting 4pm eastern) and January 14. If registration is 9+ we may need to also have matches January 12 starting 4pm eastern.
The finals will be played in person at the Niagara Falls CBC – CSTC: May 9-10 and CWTC: May 14-15.

Convention cards will be published online prior to the event. They may be modified prior to the semi-finals in Niagara Falls. The full Conditions of Contest for the Championships will be posted soon.
Read more for important information on these events. REGISTRATION LINK.

2023 Canadian Bridge Championships

It is official – the 2023 CBC will be held LIVE at Niagara Falls Falls Ontario, May 9-19 at the Crowne Plaza Fallsview.
The round robin of the CWTC and CSTC will be played online in January. This is to be able to free up the LIVE schedule for the many events the CBF is offering.
CSTC RR: January 7 & 8, CWTC RR: January 13 (starting 4pm eastern) and January 14. If registration is 9+ we may need to also have matches January 12 starting 4pm eastern.
Registration in progress for the CWTC and CSTC and will open in December for other events
A regional tournament open to all will be held in conjunction with the CBC.
The schedule of events will be posted at a later date.

Next Canada Wide Game on BBO December 17

Our December monthly Canada wide virtual BBO game will be held on Saturday December 17.
– “CBF 999 Game” $5 for 20 Boards – 1:00pm EDT
– “CBF Open Game” $6 for 24 Boards – 1:15pm EDT
The Online games in October, November and December will provide a qualification for CNTC A, B and COPC in the Open game and for CNTC-C in the 999er game.
This monthly game for CBF members is held on the Saturday of the 3rd weekend of the month. Thank you for supporting Canadian Bridge and have fun!
Results of previous games here.
Continue reading for more information and registration instructions.

October issue of Bridge Canada is online

Get to know Bridge Canada, the online magazine of the CBF. You can access the magazine through the top menu or the red tab on the left side of this page.
What does 3 means in this sequence?
1♠-2/2-3/3. Find out on page 8 of this issue of Bridge Canada.
Whatever your level, you will find informative and interesting articles.

CBF Junior program

Now that we moved past the worst of COVID and with the 2023 Junior World Championships on the horizon in August of 2023 we are working on our Junior program. 
The first step is to identify players who are interested in participating in our Junior program and taking part in mentoring programs and practice sessions.
We will coordinate online practice sessions, try to find partners for those who need them and introduce them to various programs within the CBF that may be of benefit to them. There are several groups, ranging from under 16 to under 31 years old.
If you are interested in the program, please send an email to with the required details.