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Registration for COPC and CIPC on BBO

Our premiere pair events, the Canadian Open Pairs Championship (June 4 & 5) and the Canadian IMP Pairs Championship (June 11 & 12) will be played on BBO. Pairs must register on our website, as registration will not be available on BBO. The Registration deadline is May 31 for the COPC and June 7 for the CIPC. The cost is $80 per pair per day. Pairs who qualify for the second day will pay for day 2 on our website when they find out they qualified.
Prizes for the COPC and CIPC are in the form of CBF Credits which can be used for entries to CBF events. Your entry fees will be refunded and the pair will split the remainder as credits towards future CBC or CBF Online Team League entries: 1st place – $1,000 , 2nd place – $700, 3rd place $300.
Click here to register now.
Continue reading for additional details on all CBC events.

Kibitz the Canadian Championships!

This weekend (May 13-15) the Canadian National Mixed Teams Championship takes place on RealBridge. The finals will be held next weekend (May 20-22).
You can kibitz these matches. Play will be broadcast with a delay of approximately 30 minutes after they have been played.
Link to kibitz on RealBridge. You will sign in (no account needed) and then be taken to the Main Page where you can see current, upcoming and past events. This event is named “CBF CMTC …”. When you click on the event that is currently available for spectating, you will be taken to the lobby where you can select the table you would like to join.
It should be some exciting bridge!

Congratulations to the Winners in the CNTC A, B & C, the CWTC, and the CMTC

Congratulations to the winners:

  • CNTC A – Marc-André Fourcaudot, Kamel Fergani, Nicholas Gartaganis, Michel Lorber, Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski
  • CNTC B – Alex Heron, Paul Erikson, Laurie Shapka, Ian Gatenby
  • CNTC C – John Hindle, Jeff Gosman, Dave West, Brian Macri
  • CWTC – Lucy He, Xia Hong, Xiufang Jia, Yanping Zhang, Wenmin Chen
  • CMTC – Marc-André Fourcaudot, Sondra Blank, Louise Berthiaume, Kamel Fergani, Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis

Read more for the winners and the medalists of the Canadian Championships.

Canada-Wide Game on BBO – Saturday June 18

Our next monthly Canada wide virtual BBO game for CBF members will be held on Saturday June 18.
– “CBF 499 Game” $5 for 20 Boards – 1:00pm EDT
– “CBF Open Game” $6 for 24 Boards – 1:15pm EDT
This monthly game is held on the Saturday of the 3rd weekend of the month. Thank you for supporting Canadian Bridge and have fun! Results.
Continue reading for registration instructions.

RealBridge Practice sessions

More practice sessions are added on Realbridge for these two weeks in May: Tuesday 17 at 7pm, Wednesday 18 at noon, Saturday 21 at 1pm, Tuesday 24 at 6pm, and Thursday 26 at 6:30pm. (EDT times), These sessions will be 12 boards (70-90min) or 8 boards (60min).
If you and your partner would like to join, please click on the link for the session you want to play, in the half hour before game time. You sign in with your name and you will be taken to the lobby. You can email for more information.
Read on to see a series of helpful documents for playing on RealBridge and read the FAQ.

April issue of Bridge Canada is now available

Get to know Bridge Canada, the online magazine of the CBF.
April Fools? As South, you hold: ♠AK2 AKQ1072 — AK92. While you are salivating, partner opens the bidding in 1st seat. What bid did he make? Find out in the Editor’s Message found in the April issue. Whatever your level, you will find informative and interesting articles.
You can access the magazine through the top menu or the red tab on the left side of this page.

Day of Bridge Benefitting Alzheimer Societies in Canada 2022

Day of Bridge games can be held online or at in person clubs this year. Any virtual games held on BBO June 18 and June 19 will be considered “Longest Day” games and will support the Alzheimer Society.
Clubs that have returned to face-to-face play can choose a day June 19 through June 26 to hold a Day of Bridge game. Money raised and sanction fees collected will be sent to provincial Alzheimer Societies.
Many players may want to make special donations to the Alzheimer Society and these can be done in different ways.