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World Bridge Championships — Junior and Open

The 7th World Transnational Youth Championships are taking place August 7-14th in Salsamaggiore Terme, Italy. 7TH WORLD YOUTH TRANSNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS | WBF Championships (
The 16th World Bridge Series will be taking place August 19th – September 3rd in Wroclaw, Poland. This is an Open event which means that anyone can enter. Canada will have teams in the Open, Mixed, and Womens’ events. You can follow their progress on the WBF website: 16TH WORLD BRIDGE SERIES | WBF Championships.

August issue of Bridge Canada is now available

Get to know Bridge Canada, the online magazine of the CBF. You can access the magazine through the top menu or the red tab on the left side of this page.
Declarer Play of the Year. As North you are declarer in 4♠, after West preempted with 4. East leads A and a 2nd heart. 
North: ♠AQ83 2 AQ72 AQ86
South: ♠109754 95 J986 75
Can you match the play of Jin Kai, from the Chinese under 26 national team? Find out on Page 22 in this issue of Bridge Canada.
Whatever your level, you will find informative and interesting articles.

The Great Canadian Bidding Contest: October Problems

For the August problems, on the readers side, Congrats to Fred Lerner with the high score of 46. Tied at 44 were Richard Bickley and Ashot Harutyanyun. The best total for June-August with 91, and the winner of $100, was Richard Bickley, narrowing out our $50 winner Fred Turner who had 90.
Panelists with the top score for August were Francine Cimon and the erudite Stephen Cooper. We thank all panelists for sharing their knowledge and experience. See their answers and explanations to the last problems in the August issue of Bridge Canada magazine.
It is easy to enter! Try your luck at winning some ‘mad money’. Continue reading to review the October problems. Email your answers to, by September 12th. Have fun!

Next Canada Wide Game on BBO August 20

Our August monthly Canada wide virtual BBO game will be held on Saturday August 20.
– “CBF 499 Game” $5 for 20 Boards – 1:00pm EDT
– “CBF Open Game” $6 for 24 Boards – 1:15pm EDT
This monthly game for CBF members is held on the Saturday of the 3rd weekend of the month. Thank you for supporting Canadian Bridge and have fun!
Results of previous games here.
Continue reading for more information and registration instructions.

Congratulations to the winners of the Canadian Championships

Congratulations to the winners of all the events:

  • CNTC A – Marc-André Fourcaudot, Kamel Fergani, Nicholas Gartaganis, Michel Lorber, Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski
  • CNTC B – Alex Heron, Paul Erikson, Laurie Shapka, Ian Gatenby
  • CNTC C – John Hindle, Jeff Gosman, Dave West, Brian Macri
  • CWTC – Lucy He, Xia Hong, Xiufang Jia, Yanping Zhang, Wenmin Chen
  • CMTC – Marc-André Fourcaudot, Sondra Blank, Louise Berthiaume, Kamel Fergani, Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis
  • CSTC – Robert Kuz, William Treble, Barry Senensky, Jordan Cohen, Stephen Cooper, Morrie Kleinplatz
  • COPC – Terry Du, Kole Meng
  • CIPC – Mark Caplan, Eiji Kujirai

Read more for the winners and the medalists of the Canadian Championships.