Jude Goodwin Trophy is awarded to the Canadian woman who earns the most masterpoints in a calendar year.

The trophy was donated in 2002 by John Armstrong to acknowledge Goodwin’s contributions to Canadian bridge publishing, both print and online. Jude has been editor and publisher of the CBF Magazine since 1985, launched the CBF website in 1995 when it was the first National Contract Bridge Organization to have a website. Goodwin is well known for her bridge cartoons originally published in the ACBL Bulletin and now available in book form, Go Ahead Laugh, published by Master Point Press. Goodwin also has an award-winning bridge book, Teach Me To Play, and was editor/publisher of the ACBL District 19 magazine for many years.

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Jude Goodwin Trophy, Canadian Bridge Federation

2023 Cindy Mahn, Kitchener, ON 589.15
2022 Cindy Mahn, Kitchener, ON 440.45
2021  Vera Carpenter, York, ON 1041.13
2020  Elaine Sorensen, Winfield, BC 448.21
2019 Judy Harris, Salmon Arm, BC 535.86
2018 Heather Peckett, Nepean, ON 686.68
2017 Heather Peckett, Nepean, ON 607.03
2016 Heather Peckett, Nepean, ON 754.70
2015 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert, SK 832.93
2014 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert, SK 707.98
2013 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert, SK 897.37
2012 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert, SK 1,408.79
2011 Fay Teal, Kitchener, ON 866.83
2010 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert, SK 1,334.95
2009 Rhonda Foster, Victoria, BC 977.80
2008 Rhonda Foster, New Westminster, BC 1,170.09
2007 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert, SK 983.39
2006 Heather Peckett, Nepean, ON 757.59
2005 Rhonda Foster, New Westminster, BC 740.00
2004 Heather Peckett, Nepean, ON 648.00
2003 Heather Peckett, Nepean, ON 484.00
2002 Deanna Goh, Peterborough, ON 642.00