It is official – the 2023 CBC will be held LIVE at Niagara Falls Falls Ontario, May 9-19(20) at the Crowne Plaza Fallsview.

  • When – May 9th – 19th 2023.
  • Where – The Crown Plaza Hotel  5685 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls Ontario   1-905-374-4447
  • Room Rates: Monday to Thursdays $89.00 per night. Weekend vary from $139-209/night


The round robin of the CWTC and CSTC will be played online on RealBridge in January. This is to be able to free up the LIVE schedule for the many events the CBF is offering.

Round Robin CSTC: January 7-8
Round Robin CWTC: (dates are being finalized) possibly Jan 14 and some other dates/times. Please watch here for updates.

CLICK HERE to read more important information on these events.

Registration for other events will open in December.

Schedule (draft copy)

$ per day/team$240$180$180$240$240$240
May 9TuesSF
Day 1 – May 10WedRRRRF
Day 2 – May 11ThursRRRRRR
Day 3 – May 12FriRRSFSF
Day 4 – May 13SatQFFF
Day 5 – May 14SunSFSF
Day 6 – May 15MonFF
Day 7 – May 16TuesRR
Day 8 – May 17WedRR
Day 9 – May 18ThursQF/SF
Day 10 – May 19FriSF/F
F (Note)

COPC: May 14 and May 15 – $30/session
CIPC: May 18 and May 19 – $30/session
Hall of Fame: May 11
AGM: May 14
Regional : $20/session

Note CMTC: If more than 15 teams we need QF (extra day). We will know registration in advance.

Regional Schedule

A regional tournament open to ALL PLAYERS will be held in conjunction with the 2023 Canadian Championships. Schedule to be finalized. $20 per session.

Health Protocols

Knowing that many tournaments have been a super spreader of Covid, masks will be required. It is in the best interest of our players as we at the CBF understand that the best way for any individual to protect themselves from viruses is to wear a mask. Proof of vaccination will also be required.

Please note that due to possible changes in medical protocols there could be changes to the schedule

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