The CNTC-A is Canada’s premier event. It is an open team competition with no upper masterpoint limit.

In 1968 and 1971 play-offs were held to select Canada’s team for the World Team Olympiad. The first CNTC was held in Toronto in 1977 with each province represented by a provincial champion. The format of the grassroot event changed in 1980 and teams had to qualify at the club, unit, and zone levels before reaching the National Final. In 2001 Unit Finals were eliminated, while Zone Finals were eliminated in 2009.

Participants must be paid up members in good standing of the CBF. Teams must pre-register for the National Final, and pay the non-refundable round robin entry fee by the deadline indicated in the documentation.

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2024 CBC – Conditions of Contest
2024 CBC – Supplemental Conditions of Contest

Winners of the CNTC-A are awarded the Mark Molson Trophy, established in 2011. CBF Hall of Fame member Mark Molson, who died in 2006 at the age of 56, was a great Canadian player who, among his many accomplishments, won the CNTC seven times. Prior to 2011, winners of the CNTC-A were awarded the Sam Gold Trophy. Sam Gold is another CBF Hall of Fame member who was the second Canadian player to achieve the status of Life Master, and was “Mr. Bridge” to generations of Québécois.

Upon ratification by the CBF board of directors, the winning team receives a subsidy to represent Canada at that year’s world open team championship. The Eric R. Murray Trophy is awarded to the team representing Canada in the Open Teams at the World Bridge Games (formerly World Olympiad), while the Percy Sheardown Trophy is awarded to the team representing Canada in the Bermuda Bowl.

Mark Molson Trophy

Mark Molson Trophy

 Sam Gold Trophy

Sam Gold Trophy


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2024Brad Bart, Jeff Blond, Michael Roche, Daniel Lyder
2023Jason Feldman, Darren Wolpert, Fred Gitelman, Mark Caplan, Daniel Lavee, Jacob Freeman
2022Marc-André Fourcaudot, Kamel Fergani, Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski,
Michel Lorber, Nicholas Gartaganis
2021Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski, Kamel Fergani, Marc-André Fourcaudot
2020 Kai Zhou, Xin Guo Chen, Lu Gan, Alex Hong, Sidney Yang
2019Nicolas L’Ecuyer, Kamel Fergani, Marc-André Fourcaudot, Zygmunt Marcinski, Frédéric Pollack
2018 Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, Jeff Smith, Paul Thurston, John Zaluski, Martin Caley
2017Bob Todd, Doug Fisher, Brad Bart, Danny Miles, Steve MacKay, Neil Kimelman
2016Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, Nicolas L’Écuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski, Kamel Fergani, Frédéric Pollack 
2015Daniel Miles, Jeffrey Smith, Daniel Korbel, Darren Wolpert, David Sabourin, Shan Huang
2014Gray McMullin, Bryan Maksymetz, Samantha Nystrom, Tom Walsh, Rock Shi Yan
2013Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, Paul Thurston , Jeff Smith, Darren Wolpert, Daniel Korbel
2012Nicolas L’Écuyer, Vincent Demuy, Leslie Amoils, Danny Miles, Darren Wolpert, Daniel Korbel 
2011John Rayner, Michael Roche, Michael Hargreaves, James McAvoy, David Lindop, Doug Baxter
2010Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, Gordon Campbell, Piotr Klimowicz
2009Nicolas L’Écuyer, Kamel Fergani, Darren Wolpert, Jurek Czyzowicz, David Grainger, Daniel Korbel
2008Nicolas L’Écuyer, Marc-André Fourcaudot, Kamel Fergani, Dan Jacob, Robert Lebi, Vincent Demuy
2007Waldemar Frukacz, Piotr Klimowicz, Hervé Chatagnier, René Pelletier, Jeffrey Smith, David Sabourin
2006Bryan Maksymetz, Dan Jacob, Doug Fraser, Michael Gamble, Robert Lebi, Sandra Fraser
2005John Carruthers, Joseph Silver, George Mittelman, Arno Hobart, Boris Baran, Allan Graves
2004Ray Jotcham – Lewis Richardson – Jim Priebe – Steve Mackay – David Lindop – Mike Cummings
2004Ray Jotcham, Lewis Richardson, Jim Priebe, Steve Mackay , David Lindop, Mike Cummings
2003Kamel Fergani, Nicolas L’Écuyer, Jurek Czyzowicz, Darren Wolpert, Gavin Wolpert, Vincent Demuy
2002Bryan Maksymetz, Allan Graves, Gordon McOrmond, Dan Jacob
2001Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, Gordon Campbell, Keith Balcombe
2000Kamel Fergani, Nicolas L’Écuyer, Doug Fraser,Jeffrey Blond, Darren Wolpert, Jurek Czyzowicz
1999Ted Horning (Honorary NPC), Robert Lebi, Nader Hanna, Drew Cannell, John Carruthers
1998Michael Hargreaves, Gord McOrmond, Allan Graves, Bryan Maksymetz, Joseph Silver
1997Michael Hargreaves, Gord McOrmond, Allan Graves, Joseph Silver
1996Nader Hanna, Doug Fraser, Michael Roche, Jim Green, Paul Thurston, Rick Delogu
1995Joseph Silver, Fred Gitelman, Mark Molson, Boris Baran, George Mittelman, Eric Kokish
1994Joseph Silver – Fred Gitelman – Mark Molson – Eric Kokish – George Mittelman
1993Michael Cafferata – Michael Kenny – Mary Paul – David Colbert – Michael Roche – Christopher Hough
1992Jim McAvoy – Duncan Smith – Michael Strebinger – Peter Herold – Jim Dickie – Bruce Ferguson
1991Ed Bridson – John Gowdy – David Lindop – Geoff Hampson – Boris Baran – Mark Molson
1990Doug Heron – David Willis – John Valliant – Mike Betts – Randy Bennett – Ed Zaluski
1989Mark Molson – Boris Baran – George Mittelman – Arno Hobart – Marty Kirr – Billy Cohen
1988Maurice Larochelle – Jean Bernier – Andre Laliberté – Jacques Laliberté – Raymond Fortin – Kamel Fergani
1987Mark Molson – Boris Baran – John Guoba – John Carruthers – Eric Murray
1986Laurie McIntyre (CNJ) – Michael Schoenborn – Harmon Edgar – Arno Hobart – Martin Kirr – Greg Carroll – David Turner
1985Boris Baran – Mark Molson – Eric Kokish – George Mittelman – Pascal Menachi – Mark Stein
1984Subhash Gupta – Doran Flock – Gordon Campbell – Mike Chomyn – Bryan Maksymetz – Drew Cannell
1983Mark Molson – Boris Baran – Allan Graves – George Mittelman – John Guoba – John Carruthers
1982Nicholas Gartaganis – Zygmunt Marcinski – Gordon Crispin – Voyteck Pomykalski
1981Allan Graves – George Mittelman – Eric Kokish – Peter Nagy – Eric Murray – Sami Kehela
1980Allan Graves – George Mittelman – Eric Kokish – Peter Nagy – Eric Murray – Sami Kehela
1977Mary Paul – Maurice Paul – Don Cowan – Michael Cummings
1971*Bruce Gowdy – Duncan Philips – Gerry Charney – Bill Crissey
1968*Eric Murray – Sami Kehela – Percy Sheardown – Bruce Elliott – Al Lando (CNJ) – Wolf Lebovic (ACNJ)