The Canadian Bridge Championships (CBC), formerly known as Bridge Week, is an annual tournament that is usually held in the month of May and features multiple national competitions.

Following the long period of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this annual tournament will be held online in 2022, for the 3rd consecutive year. This year our Championships will be played on RealBridge and BBO. Championship events will be played on RealBridge and CNTC B, C plus COPC and CIPC will be played on BBO.  Events on RealBridge will require video and audio and will be played behind screens.

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The annual meeting of the CBF board of directors is held just prior to the start of the CBC, while the CBF Annual General Meeting and the CBF Hall of Fame induction ceremony take place during the CBC.

CBF members from across Canada, and of all levels, gather to compete for a chance to become Canadian Champions in one of the following competitions:

The CNTC-A, CWTC, CSTC and CMTC offer participants a chance to represent Canada in the corresponding world championship event, while the other events offer cash prizes. For more details on each of the championships and the participation conditions please refer to the specific championship page.