The CBF recognizes that it bears a special responsibility for the well being of Junior players, especially those under the age of majority. In particular, the CBF has a clear policy designed to prevent such players being subject to harassment, abuse, or other potentially dangerous situations. This policy applies to all CBF representatives, including players, coaches, captains, parents, directors, volunteers and staff. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action by the CBF. Such action may result in a person losing the right to represent the CBF. The CBF will in its sole discretion determine whether a breach of this policy has occurred, and assess any appropriate penalty. For the purposes of this policy, an under age player is defined as a player under the age of 18 eligible for selection to compete in WBF Junior competitions.

The CBF requires all adults who work with Junior players under CBF auspices to adhere to the following guidelines with respect to their dealings with Junior players, both inside and outside official CBF programs. Failure to do so will result in the offender being deemed ineligible for positions with the CBF Junior program.

General Considerations

  • Respect the dignity and spirit of all players
  • Treat all players fairly and equitably, regardless of age or gender.
  • Establish supportive, positive environments for the purpose of healthy competition, skill development, fun and achievement of goals.
  • Avoid contact or conduct that may be interpreted to have sexual connotations.
  • Avoid making suggestive or sexually-oriented remarks, even in jest.
  • Do not suggest or take part in any sexual contact with Junior players, even those who are over the age of consent; the element of consent is removed between a player and an adult who is perceived to be in a position of trust or authority.
  • Do not take part in or tolerate behaviour that frightens, embarrasses, demoralizes or negatively affects players’ self-esteem.
  • Do not take part in or tolerate harassment of any kind as defined in these guidelines.
  • Set a positive example by engaging in “fair play” both during and outside of all CBF activities. “Fair Play” is defined as showing considerate regard for players and officials, abiding by all the rules of the sport, and abiding by officials’ decisions.
  • Adhere to the policies of the CBF.
  • Junior representatives will be supplied with team shirts or uniforms. The representatives are expected to wear these while representing the CBF in their chosen events.
  • Junior representatives are encouraged to represent the CBF in all events while in attendance at their chosen venue. This will extend into participation in consolation pair or team events that are offered for individuals who have been eliminated from the primary event.
  • While in attendance at CBF sponsored events, Junior representatives are expected to maintain regular hours. While not limited to, this will include curfews set by their coach or NPC during their participation in the event.

Travel to Bridge Tournaments

  • The Junior Coordinator, Non Playing Captain, coach, or other adults representing the CBF, may not share accommodations with Junior players, regardless of the potential cost savings or other benefits. This does not apply if the adult is the parent or guardian of one of the juniors. Nor does it apply in emergency situations.
  • Unless individuals are members of the same family or cohabit, players of different genders should not share accommodations.
  • Junior players and adult personnel may not be in each other’s rooms unless there are at least three individuals present. Any meetings involving only one adult and one junior player must be held in common areas, such as a conference room.
  • All players who are under the age of majority (18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or an authorized guardian. The CBF will cover the parent’s/guardian’s portion of shared accommodation costs.
  • All players who are under the age of majority (18 years of age) must submit to the CBF ninety (90) days prior to departure all notarized forms and required documents for International travel.

Discipline Of Junior Players

Discipline may be required on occasion due to inappropriate behaviour of players. Discipline by adult personnel must be administered appropriately in a controlled manner, mindful of the age and developmental level of the player, with a clear goal of teaching appropriate behaviours. Discipline must not be used impulsively or out of anger, to gain power over players, or to embarrass or humiliate players.

Harassment is defined as conduct that is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, offensive or physically harmful. Types of behaviour which constitute harassment and abuse include, but are not limited to:

  • Unwelcome jokes, innuendo or teasing about a person’s looks, body, attire, age, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation
  • Condescending, patronizing, threatening or punishing actions that undermine self-esteem or diminish performance
  • Coercive behaviour by someone perceived by the player to be in authority, where a player’s status is threatened or rewards are given or promised
  • Practical jokes that cause awkwardness or embarrassment endanger a person’s safety or negatively affect performance
  • Unwanted or unnecessary physical contact including touching, patting or pinching
  • Unwelcome flirtation, sexual advances, requests or invitations
  • Any form of bullying, including hazing
  • Any form of physical assault
  • Any sexual offence including sexual assault
  • Behaviours such as those described above which are not directed towards individuals or groups but which have the effect of creating a negative or hostile environment

When in the undisputable opinion of the NPC, a player did not behave in accordance with the CBF Code of Conduct, the player may be sent home immediately. Any applicable financial charges due to the change of travel arrangements will be the sole responsibility of the disciplined player.

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