The CBF consists of six geographical zones each represented on the CBF Board of Directors by a Zone Director. Each CBF Zone encompasses Canadian ACBL units in its geography as follows:

ZONE I  (ACBL District 1)

Unit 194 – Canadian Maritime
Unit 230 – Acadian

ZONE II  (ACBL District 1)

Unit 151 – Montreal
Unit 152 – Quebec
Unit 192 – E. Ontario
Unit 199 – Saguenay

ZONE III  (ACBL District 2)

Unit 166 – Ontario
Unit 246 – Trent Valley
Unit 249 – S.W. Ontario
Unit 255 – Niagara

ZONE IV  (ACBL District 2)

Unit 181 – Winnipeg
Unit 212 – Sault International
Unit 228 – N.W. Ontario
Unit 238 – Quonta

ZONE V  (ACBL District 18)

Unit 248 – Red Deer
Unit 390 – Calgary
Unit 391 – N. Alberta
Unit 392 – Lethbridge
Unit 393 – Medicine Hat
Unit 573 – S. Saskatchewan
Unit 575 – N. Saskatchewan / N. Manitoba

ZONE VI  (ACBL District 19)

Unit 429 – Parksville
Unit 430 – Vancouver
Unit 431 – Victoria
Unit 456 – Quesnel
Unit 571 – Okanagan
Unit 574 – Kootenay


As a member of the CBF Board of Directors the Zone Director plays a key role in the affairs of the CBF. The Zone Directors’ duties include:

  • Actively participating in establishing CBF policies, and creating programs and services to serve the needs of CBF members and promote the CBF.
  • Ensuring that their Zone’s views are heard and considered in all matters discussed by the Board of Directors.
  • Ensuring that members and units of their Zone are informed of CBF board decisions and the rationale behind them.
  • Establishing the organization’s annual budget.
  • Promoting the CBF and participation in CBF events within their Zone.
  • Overseeing the organization and ensuring the success of any Canadian Bridge Championship or CBF International Fund Regional hosted in their Zone.
  • Sitting as a trustee on the CBF Charitable Foundation and attending the trustees’ annual meeting or conference call. The Zone Director is responsible for granting their allocated Discretionary Charity Funds to charities within their Zone.
  • Attending the annual meeting of the CBF Board of Directors as well as all conference calls held during the year to deal with matters needing immediate attention.
  • Serve on various CBF committees.


Zone Directors are elected for a term of three calendar years. Elections are held during the last calendar year of the incumbent Zone Director’s term. Nominations for the Zone Director’s position must be received by the CBF Election Officer no later than September 30th of the election year.

Units within the Zone vote for the Zone Director nominees. Units are allocated a number of votes equal to 1% of the Unit membership on May 1st of the election year. Ballot must be returned to the CBF Election Officer no later than December 5th of the election year, or such earlier date as the CBF Election Officer shall specify. The elected Zone Director assumes their duties on January 1st of the following year.

Click Here   for Instructions for the Election of a CBF Zone Director