The COPC is an Open Pairs event with no set flights. A club may stratify their club qualifying game, for the purpose of masterpoints only, using whatever strats they wish. Qualification is based solely on the A – Open Strat.


The sanction fee is $4.00 per table or fraction thereof (GST included). Payment can be made by cheque or by e-transfer to


Any pair finishing in the top 50% plus ties along with any other pairs achieving an average score qualify for the National Final. Players qualify as individuals. Players may play (and are encouraged to) in as many COPC club qualifying games as they wish and may play with different partners each time. Partnerships are formed when they register for the National Final.


See the information under the ‘Events – Canadian Bridge Championships’ tab.


The winners of the COPC National Final will win a cash prize of $1,500.00. The pair finishing second in the National Final will receive a cash prize of $ 750.00.


At the end of each month, please report the games held during the month. Please mail the completed report form and appropriate sanction fees to the Canadian Bridge Federation. If you are holding more than one game during a given month, you may submit all game reports at the end of the month with one cheque to cover total sanction fees.

ACBL Score will generate your report form when you DBADD the game. It will ask for your sanction number, which will be sent to you when you apply for the sanction.
Print out the cover sheet generated by ACBL score, and return this cover sheet along with a press sheet for the game to the CBF coordinator at the CBF address. YOU MUST include a Press Sheet with your report form.

ACBL policy states: “A club that holds the COPC and does not submit its game report within 15 days after the completion of the event will be assessed a $25 (US) late charge, and the club will be suspended until the appropriate report, monies and late charges are received by the CBF Coordinator. The club will be added to the ACBL Unresolved List and will not be granted a club sanction renewal for the coming year until the matter has been resolved.”

Click Here for the Club Qualifying Conditions of Contest.


Please fill up the form below. If you do not receive confirmation of your request, please send an email to Ina Demme ( with the following information:

  • Club name and Club number
  • COPC or CNTC
  • Club manager name and Email