Policy Objective

The CBF is committed to promoting acceptable player behaviour at all times. The ultimate purpose of the Zero Tolerance policy is to provide a much more pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for all at our Canadian Bridge Championships (CBC).

Expectations of Behaviour

The CBF actively promotes acceptable player behaviour at all times. Annoying behaviour, embarrassing remarks, or any other conduct which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game is specifically prohibited by Law 74A.

In accordance with Laws 74, 80F and 81C4 (Laws of Duplicate Bridge) the following policy outlines what is expected of all players during Canadian Bridge Championships, as well as in the playing area before and after each session. All participants, captains and others present in the playing site are expected to behave in a respectful manner to all others present.

Specific behaviour that will be subject to sanction includes, but not limited to:

• Raising your voice to the point it affects the enjoyment and concentration of others present
• Continued failure to heed request to be quiet while other matches are in play
• Badgering, rudeness, insults, intimidation, profanity, threats, or violence.
• Negative comments concerning opponents’ or partner’s play or bidding.
• Constant and gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table.

Everyone present in the playing site has the right and responsibility to ensure that the playing site is free from inappropriate behaviour.

Infraction Procedures

  1. Before the commencement of any CBC event a CBF representative shall brief the DIC and his staff on this policy, including the identification of the CBF Disciplinary Committee (CBFDC) members.
  2. Before the commencement of play of a team event a CBF representative shall reinforce this policy at the Captains meeting.
  3. At the start of each event, the Director shall make an announcement that the tournament will be observing CBF Zero Tolerance for unacceptable behaviour. It is strongly requested that the Director be called whenever behaviour is not consistent with the CBF guidelines.
  4. The Director, when called, shall record pertinent facts including allegations, participants, and witnesses. The Director will, without undue delay, present the information to a CBFDC member.
  5. The CBFDC, in a timely manner, will meet and decide on appropriate penalty if any. The participants and witnesses may be invited to appear before the CBFDC. All affected parties, including the Director, will be informed of any penalties imposed by the CBFDC. These penalties may include but are not limited to:
    1. IMP and Matchpoint penalty
    2. Ejection from the event (no refunds or Masterpoints awarded)
    3. Banning of kibitzer(s)
    4. CBF membership probation or suspension
  6. In accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, a decision to impose a disciplinary penalty is final.