$4 per team for a one session game. NOTE: only four person teams allowed in single session games.
$8 per team for a two session game. Payment can be made by cheque or by e-transfer to


Flight A – no master point restrictions
Flight B – all players must have fewer than 3,500 master points as of September 1st point confirmation.
Flight C – all players must have fewer than 1,000 master points as of September 1st point confirmation.


Games may be stratified for Flight A, B & C or you may hold separate games for each Flight. You may only stratify using these limits – no other stratification levels are allowed.


The sanction fee for your game is $4.00 (GST included) per team entered. This is a single session game. Please remember that each Master must play with a Non Master (less than 200 mpts) partner and that each team must have at least two Non- Masters on it. All players receiving qualification for the Flight of the CNTC that they are eligible for. There are no higher levels for Master/Non-Master CNTC.


Regardless of the scoring system used (VP’s or win/loss), a team achieves a qualifying position if it wins at least one half of its matches, computing one IMP as a win and a tie as one half; or if it is in the top 50% of the teams entered, based on the scoring system used, even if the team does not meet the first requirement above.

In a stratified game, these rules apply to the CNTC-Flight A field, the CNTC-Flight B field and the CNTC-Flight C field.


See the information under the ‘Events – Canadian Bridge Championships’ tab.


ACBL Score will generate your report form when you DBADD the game. It will ask for your sanction number, which will be sent to you when you apply for the sanction.

YOU MUST include a Press Sheet with your report form.

At the end of the month, please send your report forms and a cheque made out to the Canadian Bridge Federation. Clubs who do not remit their reports and sanction fees in a timely manner may be assessed a $25 (US) late charge, and the club will be suspended until the appropriate report, monies and late charges are received by the CBF Coordinator. Furthermore, the club will be added to the ACBL’s Unresolved List and will not be granted a club sanction renewal for the coming year until the matter has been resolved.

Click Here for the Club Qualifying Conditions of Contest.


Please send an email to Ina Demme ( with the following information:

  • Club name and Club number
  • CNTC or COPC
  • Club manager name and Email