2024 Summer NABC in Toronto – July 18-28
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

NABC Schedule and Fees

You are entitled to the Maple Leaf Discount at the 2024 Toronto NABC!

  • $14 off the entry fee per daytime session
  • $4 off for evening events

Open to members who purchase entries through Entry Express and who satisfy all requirements:

  1. Current resident of Canada.
  2. Current ACBL member.
  3. Current CBF memberAs of June 15, 2024 ((Deadline has been extended until June 15!)

To join/renew your membership now click on “Join the CBF” (under MEMBERS) 

  • One year membership                         $25
  • Three-year membership                      $65

You can also renew your membership when you pay your ACBL fees.

If you have any questions about your membership or joining the CBF
please email Catherine Kinsella at catherine@cbf.ca