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Declarer Play of the Year. As North you are declarer in 4♠, after West preempted with 4. East leads A and a 2nd heart. 
North: ♠AQ83 2 AQ72 AQ86
South: ♠109754 95 J986 75
Can you match the play of Jin Kai, from the Chinese under 26 national team? Find out on Page 22 in this issue of Bridge Canada.

You will also read interesting and informative articles: Roman Keycard Bkackwood, Two of a Major Opening, When to Pre-Empt, an analysis of What Went Wrong, IBPA Awards as well as the panelists’ responses to the last Bidding Contest, and the IBPA Awards.

We invite you to enter the October Bidding Contest and see how your answers compare against the Expert panel in the next issue.

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