GreatCanadianBidding-FRAndy Stark and Dan Jacob tied for the top expert score with 46 – On the reader’s side Fred Lerner had the top score, followed closely by Richard
Bickley. Congrats to all!

In the October issue of Bridge Canada, we invite you to read the article relating the comments of the various experts throughout the last 4 years of this contest. Thank you to all these experts: Paul Thurston (first), Bryan Maksymetz, David Willis, Andy Stark, Ray Hornby, Stephen Cooper and David Turner. And a special thanks to Neil Kimelman, who started this initiative four years ago, and who has coordinated it with a master’s hand. Finally, a big thank you to you, our readers.

We would like to inform you that starting in 2024, there will be no more cash prizes for this contest, but we’ll still be delighted to announce the names of the participants with the best results.

Join in the fun and enter your bids for the March problems below by February 10th, by sending your choices to, Scoring and expert responses will be included in the March issue of Bridge Canada. Have fun!

March 2024 Problems

Host: David Willis

1. Matchpoints. Dealer: West, both Vul, as South you hold:

♠ A 8  10 7 3  A 10 4  K Q J 9 6

West North East South
1♠ 2♠ 3♠ ?

a) What do you bid now?
b) What is your plan if you are planning to bid beyond the four level?

2. Matchpoints. Dealer: West, N-S Vul, as South you hold:

♠ A K Q  9 8 6 3  A K x  A K J

West North East South
2 Pass Pass ?

Note: You play Lebensohl.

a) What do you bid now?
b) What is your plan?

3. Matchpoints. Dealer: North, N-S Vul, as South you hold:

♠ K J 10 8 4 2   ♥ 8  A J 3  A 8 4

West North East South
  1 Pass 1♠
2 Pass Pass Dbl
Pass 3 Pass ?


a) What do you bid now?
b) Would you have done something different at your second turn to bid?

4. IMPs. Dealer North, both Vul, as South you hold:

♠ K 6 4  ♥ Q 9 5 4 2  Q 4  K 7

West North East South
  1♣ Pass 1
 Pass 2 Pass 21
Pass 32 Pass ?

1  Shows five, one round force.
2  Solid reverse, Game Forcing.

a) What do you bid now?
b) How high do you intend to bid?

5. Matchpoints. Dealer N-S Vul, as South you hold:

♠ K J 7    A Q 8 4 3  K J 7  A 5

West North East South
  Pass 1♠ ?

What now?