Day of Bridge Benefitting Alzheimer Societies in Canada 2022

Day of Bridge games can be held online or at in person clubs this year. Any virtual games held on BBO June 18 and June 19 will be considered “Longest Day” games and will support the Alzheimer Society.
Clubs that have returned to face-to-face play can choose a day June 19 through June 26 to hold a Day of Bridge game. Money raised and sanction fees collected will be sent to provincial Alzheimer Societies.
Many players may want to make special donations to the Alzheimer Society and these can be done in different ways.

Erin Berry Fund Application

We are currently accepting applications for Erin Berry Fund Grants, until June 30th.
The Erin Berry Fund disburses a portion of the fund each year to assist junior players with the expenses associated with attending bridge events. To read more about the Erin Berry fund, go to our Erin Berry page.
For more information please contact us at

June issue of Bridge Canada is now available

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IMPs, neither vulnerable, you hold these cards: ♠2 AQ109842 3 10975. The opponent on your left opens 1, partner passes, and the responder bids 3, showing 5+ diamonds, heart shortage, and game forcing values. What do you bid? Find out in the Intermediate Spot, found in this issue. Whatever your level, you will find informative and interesting articles.
You can access the magazine through the top menu or the red tab on the left side of this page.

The Great Canadian Bidding Contest: August 2022 Problems

For the June problems, Richard Bickley led all readers with 47 out of 50, followed by Fred Lerner with 44. The top expert was Zygmunt Marcinski with a score of 49, followed by Ron Bishop with 48. See the panelists’ answers and explanations to the last problems in the current issue of Bridge Canada magazine. Welcome to a new panelist: Mike Hargreaves.
You may enter to win cash prizes by sending your choices for the August problems to, by July 12th. Have fun!