As many of you have heard, your Canadian Bridge Federation is in financial distress. We would like to
accomplish so much, but sadly we do not have the funds to do so. One casualty is our wonderful Bridge Canada magazine. We have had to make the difficult decision to reduce our magazine to four (4) issues per year.

CBC changes

Our Canadian Bridge Championships have changed over the last few years. We are now holding the round robins online (using some BBO, but mostly Real Bridge). The cost involved with having an in-person round robin (directors fees, hotels, per diems, room rental), has forced us to go with online qualifying. Everyone misses the days when we held in person round robins. The hospitality and comradery made these events a special time. We are delighted that the Penticton Regional has agreed to allow us to work with them this year. All of the playoffs will be held in Penticton. If you have never attended a Canadian Championship, this would be the year to come watch the teams, and play in the largest regional in Canada. This event takes place June 10 – 16, 2024.

The CBF has events for players at all levels.

The Canadian Bridge Federation strives to be all inclusive and have events for the new and up and coming players. Our Flight “B” Championships are for players with fewer than 3,500 masterpoints. Our Flight “C” Championships are for players with fewer than 1,000 masterpoints. We run an online team league in the winter months. Our online club runs two (2) games on the third Saturday of the month. We have an under 499er and an open division. For the past five (5) months these games have been COPC/CNTC qualifiers. If you are away from your home club, these games offer a great opportunity to qualify to play in our Canadian Championships. We organize two (2) Rookie/Master games per year. A hand analysis (done by one of Canada’s elite players) is sent out to the clubs in advance of the games. This is a great opportunity for rookies and mentors to have a meaningful discussion regarding the game.

Canadian Identity at the International Bridge Level

Please remember that without the Canadian Bridge Federation we will no longer have a voice with the
World Bridge Federation, any charity money raised in Canada will go to the ACBL charity foundation for U.S.A. charities. We will no longer have our Rookie/Master games. We will not be sending any Canadian teams to International events, which includes our Juniors. On a positive note, we are delighted to have Andy Stark as the head of our Junior Program. Please contact Andy at if you are aware of any junior that may be interested in playing on the Canadian teams.

CBF Membership has its perks: Great deals for CBF members attending the Toronto NABC this year.

Toronto will be hosting the summer NABC. All CBF members that are resident in Canada will receive “The Maple Leaf Discount”. All events are payable at the posted cost in Canadian dollars. If you are a CBF member there is a further discount. CBF members will receive the “Host Hotel” discount wherever you stay PLUS a further $10.00 discount if you are a CBF member. You must join the CBF prior to the NABC so that you are in the ACBL data base. These discounts are available for online entries only. You will not receive the discount if you try to pay cash for an entry just prior to the start of an event.
The cost of a CBF membership is a mere $25.00 per year with a special of $65.00 for three years. Please encourage your bridge playing friends to join the CBF.

May all your finesses be onside,
Kathie Macnab
CBF President