Day of Bridge games can be held online or at in person clubs this year. Any virtual games held on BBO June 18 and June 19 will be considered “Longest Day” games and will support the Alzheimer Society. These games will award double masterpoints and the sanction fee is $4 per table instead of the usual $1.

Clubs that have returned to face-to-face play can choose a day June 19 through June 26 to hold a Day of Bridge game.

We would like to know the fundraising total for Canada, so we would like clubs to register with us by emailing with your club name and what games you are holding. We will follow up with you after the game to see what was raised by your club. Once we have the total from each club plus the sanction fees from the ACBL, we will publish a fundraising total.

Many players may want to make special donations to the Alzheimer Society and these can be done in different ways:

  1. Directly on the Alzheimer Society website:
  2. Write a cheque to the Canadian Bridge Federation Charitable Fund. We will issue a tax receipt and send the corresponding amount to your provincial Alzheimer Society.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada has a website that contains a wealth of information about the disease, daily living, services. and more. We invite you to visit it.

Some posters:

Thank you for your participation.