Once again the CBF and the Alzheimer Society of Canada are teaming up to promote the Longest Day of Bridge. Our event is based on the Longest Day run in the United States by the ACBL and the Alzheimer’s Association. We want to bring you the Canadian version of this event and ensure that all money raised in Canada stays in Canada to help people suffering with this disease in our communities.

This year clubs can choose which day from June 16-23, 2019, they would like to hold fundraising games. To register, please fill in the online form below (or you can email the information requested to ina@cbf.ca).

Holding the Day of Bridge event can be a fun day and a way to publicize your club and the work of the Canadian Bridge Federation-Charitable Foundation. (See Guide below)

Many players will want to make special donations to the Alzheimer Society and these can be done three ways:

  1. Directly to the Alzheimer website at: www.alzheimer.ca. Please record these donations  so we can put  them in the Canadian totals.
  2. Write a cheque to your Alzheimer society of choice. Download the donations form we have provided and mail to our local society. The addresses for each provincial society can be  found at: https://alzheimer.ca/en/Home/provincial-office-directory.
  3. Write a cheque to the Canadian Bridge Federation Charitable Fund. We will issue a tax receipt and send the corresponding amount to your provincial Alzheimer Society. 

You still must remit your end of month report to the ACBL, be sure to hold monies owing for table fees to remit to the ACBL – that money will then be sent back to Canada and our own Alzheimer Societies.

Sanction Fees:

Sanction fees are payable to the ACBL. The ACBL accounts for and returns all the sanction fees to the CBF-CF.  We then send these monies to the provincial Alzheimer Societies.  The Sanction fees for 2019 are:

Regular game  18+boards:

$1. US per table PLUS $1. US per person for a total of $5.00 US ($6.20 CND) per table.

Short Games 12-17 boards:

$.58 US per table PLUS $.75 US per person for a total of $ 3.58 US ($4.44 CND) per table.

Based on the current exchange rate of $1.24


Other information is available at the ACBL web site:


We hope you will participate and help us make this day a resounding success!