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The Longest Day of Bridge

June 21, 2017

Once again the CBF and the Alzheimer Society of Canada are teaming up to promote the Longest Day of Bridge. Our event is based on the Longest Day run in the United States by the ACBL and the Alzheimers Association. We want to bring you the Canadian version of this event and ensure that all money raised in Canada stays in Canada to help people suffering with this disease in our communities.

To register, please fill in the online form below (or you can email the information requested to

Donations can be made directly on the Alzheimer Society website: Link will be posted when ready or each club can collect donations and fill in the donation form below, and send the form and cheques to the Canadian Bridge Federation. We will in turn send donations to the Alzheimer Society and provide information on the province in which the funds were raised so that they can be directed to the local Society.

Information on the games you can run on June 21st are available on the ACBL website:

We hope you will participate and help us make this day a resounding success!