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2023-2024 CBF Team League Results

Congratulations !
Winners: Team Liang
– Shigang Liang, Jianfeng Luo, Terry Du, Kole Meng, Qian Ren, Michael Wang, Candice Huang, Cindy He
2nd: Team Xu – Edward Xu, Yan Wang, Yimei Cao, Zheng Zhang, Alex Hong, Mike xiaofang Xue, Peter Wong
Flight B
Winners: Team Hong
– Jennifer Hong, Jinmei Lou, Juan Xu, Helen Chang, Rick Wu, Diana Jing
2nd: Team Dong – Yunjiang Dong, Xiang Chen Zhu, Ashot Harutyunyan, Shih-Chieh Fuh, Stephand Turcotte, Benoit Lessard

Bridge Canada : March 2024 Issue is Online

March 2024 issue of Bridge Canada is now available., the online magazine of the CBF. You can access the magazine through the top menu or the red tab on the left side of this page.
The magazine contains interesting and informative articles on various topics, and the answers and analysis from the expert panel to the last Great Canadian Bidding Contest, and much more.
Holding this: ♠KJ7 AD843 KJ7 A5, what is your call after P-1♠-? Find out what the expert Canadian panelists bid in the TGCBC Article.

The Great Canadian Bidding Contest: June 2024 Problems

In the March 2024 issue of Bridge Canada magazine, you can review the problems of the latest Canadian auction, along with the answers and comments of the experts.
Congratulations to Paul Thurston for having the top panelist score of 47, followed closely by 2023 CNTC champion Jason Feldman with a total of 45 on his first panel. Way to go gents! Top readers were Ashot Harutyunyan, followed by Richard Bickley.
Continue reading to see the new set of problems. Play along and email your answers to the June problems by May 11th to Neil Kimelman (editor@cbf.ca). Have fun!

Monthly Canada-Wide Game on BBO

The CBF holds a monthly game on BBO on the 3rd Saturday of each month. These games are for CBF members only and are an opportunity to play with and against fellow Canadian players. Please help us spread the word and thank you for supporting Canadian bridge.
In January, February, and March the games will serve as qualifiers for the COPC (pairs). The Canadian Open Pairs Championships require prior qualification to participate. The dates are: January 20, February 17 and March 16. All at 1:15pm. EST. Have fun!
Please visit the page Monthly Canada-Wide Game on BBO (under Events) for all details on this eventn.