We are adding additional online qualifying games in February so that everyone can get their qualifier for CNTC A, B & C and the Canadian Open Pairs Championship COPC to be played at the Canadian Bridge Championships in Niagara Falls, ON, May 10th to 19th.

Our monthly February CBF BBO game on Feb 18th will be a Qualifier and we are adding additional Qualification games on:

  • Sunday February 12th: 999er at 12:00 and Open game at 12:15
  • Wednesday February 15th: 999er at 3:00 and Open game at 3:15pm
  • Thursday February 16th: 999er at 7:00 pm and Open game at 7:15 pm

All games will be played on BBO. Search for CBF under Virtual Clubs and will be $5 US for 999er games and $6 US for Open games.

Please note that if you do not earn Qualification you may pay an additional fee in lieu of qualification. (2023 CBC – General Conditions of Contest – page 4)

For information on the CBF games on BBO, refer to this article.

Registration for Canadian National Team Championships A, B & C and Canadian Mixed Team Championships are now open. Tournament Page.