Bruce Elliott

Bruce Elliott was born in 1922 and has lived all his life in the Toronto area. His partnership with Percy Sheardown was one of the best in North America in the 1950s and 60s, and their team with Eric Murray and Sami Kehela ranks as the best Canadian foursome of all time.

Elliott won the Chicago Trophy (now the Reisinger) in 1948 playing with Agnes Gordon, the first of his four major North American titles. He won the Chicago Trophy again in 1951 playing with Percy Sheardown.

With Sheardown, Kehela and Murray, Elliot won the 1964 Spingold Master Knockout teams and the foursome successfully defended the title in 1965, becoming the only foursome todate to achieve such a feat.

Elliott represented Canada twice in the World Team Olympiad, winning a bronze medal in Deauville, France in 1968.