The CBF introduces you to the Local Ambassador Program. The objective of this new program is to promote bridge from coast to coast amongst current and prospective CBF members of all ages. The ambassador network will be an integral part of the CBF.

How will it promote bridge? By sharing stories, events or  touching moments within the CBF community. The Community Manager will share these on the CBF Facebook page, through articles in the magazine Bridge Canada and through newsletters

The role of the ambassador is obviously central to the network. Through the year, the ambassador has the task to share pieces of content that he or she believes to be important or entertaining and that should be communicated to other people in the community or to all Canadian bridge players. This content can be photos, videos, quotes, articles, stories etc. It may be original content or could be created by the ambassador’s club, a group they follow, or someone they know.

The ambassador has an important task as they are the one who is closest to their community and is aware of news and current events. The content shared can be of any type — Funny or touching moments, tournament winners, testimonies, a tribute to a member of the community. All of these are possible items to share.

The CBF ambassadors are Canadian bridge players who may or may not be members of the ACBL or the CBF. They could be experienced bridge players or players new to the game. They could be players that have been playing bridge for 40 years, people who play social bridge with various groups or university students who are just learning the game. Players of any level or age are welcome to be part of the network to provide their insights and their perspective on the game and its players.

The goal of the CBF in putting in place such a network is to 1) build a sense of community for Canadian bridge players, and hopefully to 2) increase its membership.

Do you know someone, or do you think you would like to get involved and become an ambassador?

Here’s what it takes:

  • Be a bridge player. Whether you are learning or an experienced player, you have a point of view and see bridge from a unique perspective.
  • Be involved in your bridge You do not need to know everybody, nor does everyone need to know you. We would like to have ambassadors that participate in events that happen in their community and who are regularly in touch with bridge players.

That’s it! The most important aspect of this is that our Ambassadors have fun being part of our network.

If you know someone who might be a good candidate, please pass this information on to them. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Ina Demme à