Bruce Gowdy, CBF Hall of Fame

Bruce Gowdy

Bruce Gowdy became ACBL Life Master #67 in 1950. The previous year Gowdy won his most impressive victory, the Spingold Master Knockout Teams at the record young age of 19! He was second in the same event in 1964.

On the home front, Gowdy’s achievements included winning the Canadian National Open Teams five years in a row from 1949 to 1953!

Gowdy represented Canada three times in the World Team Olympiad (1960, 1972 and 1976), winning a Bronze medal in 1972. He also won a Silver medal in the 2002 World Senior Pairs.

Gowdy was described by Ray Jotcham, a former partner and teammate, as “the most immaculate declarer he’s ever seen”. On the other hand, self-depreciating Gowdy described his own bidding prowess by the title of his as yet unpublished memoir “GWBB”, as in Guess What Bruce Bid!