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The Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) is the national bridge organization responsible for promoting and protecting the rights and interests of Canadian bridge players in Canada as well as at the international level.

As a recognized partner of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) the CBF ensures that the ACBL recognizes and supports the special needs and interests of Canadian bridge players.

Many bridge clubs in Canada have an ACBL sanction, offering their players games that are awarded ACBL master points. Canadian players’ master points are the benchmark for their North American ranking.

Bridge clubs as listed on the ACBL website

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By province – links to the ACBL website

Bristish Columbia
Newfoundland and
Nova Scotia
Prince Edouard Island

Bridgewebs: Several bridge clubs/associations use the BridgeWebs software.
Use the Buttons and/or Search box to find a club.

Websites of various bridge units/clubs in Canada

Competitive bridge clubs are accredited by the ACBL. They report the results of their games directly to the ACBL, and ACBL members are awarded ACBL Master Points based on their standing in those games.
These Canadian clubs are located in units whose geographical territory is defined by the ACBL. Many bridge units and clubs have their own website, and most of the units also have a website that list the clubs on their territory and provide some information of interest.

It would be appropriate to do a search with the search engine of your choice to locate the places you could contact and go to play.

The list of clubs on the ACBL website can be considered complete.


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Alberta Calgary and Unit 390
Bristish Columbia Kelowna
North Okanagan – Vernon
Vancouver Bridge Club
Vancouver Bridge Centre
Manitoba Bridge in Manitoba
Newfoundland and
Nova Scotia Halifax Bridge Studio
Halifax Bridge World
Prince Edouard Island
Quebec Montreal Bridge League
Ligue de bridge de Québec
Ontario Through Bridgewebs
Saskatchewan Saskatoon Bridge Club