This weekend (May 13-15) the Canadian National Mixed Teams Championship takes place on RealBridge. The finals will be held next weekend (May 20-22). You can kibitz these matches. Play will be broadcast with a delay, so you will be watching the hands approximately 30 minutes after they have been played.

The RealBridge kibitz server link is: You will sign in (no account is needed) and then be taken to the Main Page where you can see current, upcoming and past events. This event is named “CBF CMTC …”. When you click on the event that is currently available for spectating, you will be taken to the lobby where you can select the table you would like to join.

More information about kibitzing on RealBridge is available here:

It should be some exciting bridge!

We invite you to follow the Canadian Championships, which take place on weekends until June 12. Please visit the tournament website to see the teams, schedules, and … the results.