The Richmond Trophy is awarded annually to Canada’s top masterpoint winner. The trophy was donated by Dave G. Richmond in 1976 and awarded retroactively to the 1974 and 1975 winners.

Dave Richmond was a well-known Winnipeg bridge figure. He was elected treasurer of the Winnipeg Bridge Club in 1951, became Winnipeg’s 2nd Life Master in 1958 and in the same year assumed the Presidency of the Manitoba Unit 181. Under his leadership the unit flourished and grew from about 80 members to over 500 members. He sponsored Saskatchewan’s entry into District 14 and also helped Thunder Bay become a full fledged member in the District. He served two three-year terms as President of District 14 and was second alternate of District 14 for six years.

Richmond was a registered Life Member of the National Goodwill Committee of the ACBL and a member of the Board of Governors of the ACBL for District 2. Richmond’s greatest concern was for the charity aspect of the ACBL and he claimed that he derived the most satisfaction when he and his committee brought the Charity Shield to the Manitoba Unit for the first time in District 14. The Charity Shield came to the Manitoba unit two years later for a repeat performance.

Richmond and his charming wife Nettie chaired four Regionals and hundreds of bridge players admired their dedication and attention to every detail to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all the players.

Richmond Trophy, Canadian Bridge Federation

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Year Winner MP Total
1974 John Carruthers, Toronto, ON    522
1975 Mike Schoenborn, Toronto,ON    524
1976 Bruce Ferguson, New Westminster, CB    929
1977 Bruce Ferguson, New Westminster, CB    671
1978 Bruce Ferguson, Calgary, AB    610
1979 Mark Molson, Montréal, QC    819
1980 Mark Molson, Montréal, QC    599
1981 George Mittelman, Toronto, ON    681
1982 Mark Molson, Montreal, QC    689
1983 Mark Molson, Montreal, QC    784
1984 Mark Molson, Montreal, QC    679
1985 Cliff Campbell, Thunder Bay, ON    552
1986 Cliff Campbell, Thunder Bay, ON    493
1987 Gary Tomczyk, Parksville, CB 1,071
1988 Robert Crawford, Vancouver, CB 1,400
1989 Gary Tomczyk, Parksville, CB 1,214
1990 Robert Crawford, Vancouver, CB 1,399
1991 Cameron Doner, Vancouver, CB    944
1992 Cliff Campbell, Thunder Bay 1,561
1993 Cliff Campbell, Thunder Bay    957
1994 Martin Caley, Montréal, QC    791
1995 Ken Warren, Pickering, ON 1,056
1996 Martin Caley, Montréal, QC    772
1997 Hans Jacob, Aurora, ON 1,145
1998 Ken Gee, Regina, SK 1,328
1999 Ken Gee, Regina, SK 1,028
2000 Ken Gee, Regina, SK 1,346
2001 Ken Gee, Regina, SK 1,606
2002 Ken Gee, Regina, SK 2,066
2003 Ken Gee, Regina, SK 1,568
2004 Ian Boyd, Calgary AB 1,492
2005 Barry Harper, Regina SK 1,582
2006 Barry Harper, Regina SK 1,498.36
2007 Cam Doner, Richmond CB 1,425.26
2008 Allan Graves, Victoria CB 1,421.41
2009 Barry Harper, Regina SK 1,461.81
2010 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert SK 1,334.95
2011 David Granger, Bend OR 1,308.05
2012 Hannah Moon, Prince Albert SK 1,408.79
2013 Shan Huang, Toronto ON 1,377.03
2014 Shan Huang, Toronto ON 1,588.53
2015 Daniel Korbel, Hamilton ON 2,372.20