CNTC-C PlaqueThe CNTC-C is a team competition for CBF members with fewer than 1,000 masterpoints as of September 1st of the year in which club play begins. The first CNTC-C was held in 2012.

Participants must be paid up members in good standing of the CBF. Teams must pre-register for the National Final, and pay the non-refundable round robin entry fee by the deadline indicated in the documentation.

The winning team receives a cash prize as well as gold masterpoints.

Click here   2023 Canadian Bridge Championships website (incl. Teams and Results)

2023 CBC – Conditions of Contest
2023 CBC – Supplemental Conditions of Contest


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2022John Hindle, Jeff Gosman, Dave West, Brian Macri
2021Daniel Chen – Jun Wei – Yanping Zhang – Henry Zhang
2020  No competition
2019Jack Qi – Lucy Zhong – Morris Chen – Qiang Hua – Cyril Tsou – Vincent Yung
2018  Yunjiang Dong – Ashot Harutyunyan – Shih-Chieh Fuh – Xiang Chen Zhu
2017Freddie Mykytyshyn – Jason Walpole – Kevin Tomanek – Brian Robinson
2016Denis Ouellette – Gilles Benoit – Danielle Tremblay – Denise Roy-Letourneau
2015Carole Castonguay – Jacques Dionne – Linda Martin – Josee Roberge
2014Gerry Boudrias – Don Reble – Michael Harvey – Charles Hitschfeld
2013Richard Watson – Hui-Zhi Song – Catherine Kinsella – Steve Roberts – Scott Franklin
2012Yves Decelles – Sylvie Lévesque – Chantal Dube – Josette Levesque