To participate in the CSTC, a player must meet the World Bridge Federation (WBF) minimum age requirements. A player must be at least 61 years of age in the year the World Championship will take place.CSTC Sam Gold Plaque

The age requirement for Senior players is being gradually raised to 65 in accordance with the following schedule.

  • On January 1st, 2022 the minimum age will be raised to 63 years of age
  • On January 1st, 2024 the minimum age will be raised to 64 years of age
  • On January 1st, 2026 the minimum age will be raised to 65 years of age

Participants in the CSTC must be paid up members in good standing of the CBF. Teams must pre-register, and pay the entry fee, by the deadline published in the documentation. No club qualification is required.

Upon ratification by the CBF board of directors, the winning team receives a subsidy to represent Canada at that year’s world senior team championship.

Click here   2024 Canadian Bridge Championships website (inl. Teams and Results)

2024 CBC – Conditions of Contest
2024 CBC – Supplemental Conditions of Contest


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2024Dan Jacob, Piotr Klimowicz, Gord McOrmond, Mike Hargreaves, John Carruthers, Robert Lebi
2023Nader Hanna, John Rayner, Vince Oddy, Roy Dalton, Doug Baxter, David Lindop
2022Robert Kuz, William Treble, Barry Senensky, Jordan Cohen, Stephen Cooper, Morrie Kleinplatz
2021Kamel Fergani, Zygmunt Marcinski, Gordon Campbell, Nicholas Gartaganis, Jurek Czyzowicz, Dan Jacob
2020  Kamel Fergani, Zygmunt Marcinski, Gordon Campbell, Nicholas Gartaganis
2019Nader Hanna, John Rayner, John Carruthers, Martin Kirr
2018  Nader Hanna, John Rayner, John Carruthers, Joey Silver, Michael Roche, Michael Hargreaves
2017David Turner, Fred Lerner, John Gowdy, Michael Schoenborn
2016John Carruthers, Joey Silver, George Mittelman, Robert Lebi, Pierre Daigneault, Boris Baran
2015John Carruthers, Joey Silver, Katie Thorpe, Martin Kirr, Michael Roche, John Rayner
2014Doran Flock, Dave Smith, Michael Schoenborn, Fred Lerner
2013Robert Lebi, David Lindop, Jurek Czyzowicz, Dan Jacob
2012Joseph Silver, John Guoba, Martin Kirr, John Carruthers
2011Boris Baran, Michael Schoenborn, Dan Jacob, Jurek Czyzowicz, Fred Hoffer, Don Piafsky
2010Eric Murray, John Gowdy, Michael Schoenborn, Boris Baran, Joey Silver, John Carruthers
2009Arno Hobart, Martin Kirr, Michael Schoenborn, Boris Baran
2008Bill Bowman , Ed Zaluski, Stephen Brown, John Bowman, Jurek Czyzowicz
2007John Carruthers, Eric Murray, Don Piafsky, Joseph Silve, Boris Baran , Fred Hoffer
2006Michael Schleifer, Carole Klein, Richard Lesage, Peter Clark
2005Michael Cummings, David Lindop, John Bowman, Bill Bowman
2004Andre Laliberté, Fred Hoffer, Jon Robinson, Don Piafsky
2000Fred Hoffer, Andre Laliberté, Jonathan Robinson, Peter Schwartz