This year all games held online by Virtual Clubs on both Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19 will be considered “Longest Day” games with double the usual masterpoints.

As in prior years, all sanction fees go to the ACBL. The ACBL forwards these sanction fees to the Canadian Bridge Federation along with a report that shows the sanction fees paid by each of the clubs in Canada. The CBF uses this report to determine the sanction fees paid in each province. Cheques are then sent to each provincial Alzheimer Society in the amount of the sanction fees.

For those holding “virtual” club games:

  1. $4 (USD) per table will be considered as sanction fees instead of the usual $1 (USD) in the regular virtual games. Clubs can charge whatever they would like for the games.
  2. BBO will take their percentage. Of the remainder, $4 (USD) per table will go to the CBF and the balance will go to the “virtual” club.

If a club has returned to face-to-face play, they may choose one day June 19 through June 26, 2022 to hold Alzheimer games. Clubs can run a full game or either 12 or 18 board games. For 12 board games, the masterpoints will be 60% of a full game and then doubled. For an 18 board game the masterpoints will be double those of a full game.

The CBF would like to be able to determine the amount raised in Canada by our clubs. If you have the opportunity to raise funds for Alzheimer we would appreciate it if you could let us know the amount. (We will know the amount raised in sanction fees via the ACBL.) We will then communicate the total amount raised through fund raising and sanction fees via Ina Demme and on our website.

We hope you will participate and help us make this day a resounding success!

Many players may want to make special donations to the Alzheimer Society and these can be done in different ways:

  1. Directly on the Alzheimer Society website:
  2. Write a cheque to the Canadian Bridge Federation Charitable Fund. We will issue a tax receipt and send the corresponding amount to your provincial Alzheimer Society.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada has a website that contains a wealth of information about the disease, daily living, services. and more. We invite you to visit it.

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