The Canadian Online Team Championships are held on Bridge Base Online. The championships are open to CBF members and consist of three divisions; Open, Women and 0 – 2,500 masterpoints. The championships are not sanctioned (i.e. no masterpoint awards), however there are prizes for each member of the winning team in each division.

Entry Fees and Prizes

            Open Division

            Team Entry Fee:                    $ 96             Winning Team Prize:            $240

            Women Division

            Team Entry Fee:                    $ 72             Winning Team Prize:            $180

             0 – 2,500 Division

            Team Entry Fee:                    $ 48             Winning Team Prize:            $120

2017 Contest Rules

  • Round robin matches will be 20 Boards in length.
  • WBF 20 point VP scale will be used.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 6 players. All participants should be members in good standing of the CBF.
  • ACBL mid-chart conventions are allowed for these matches. It is preferable for each pair to have a completed a BBO convention card, but each person is required to self-alert any bids requiring an alert.
  • If a pair that uses a mid-chart convention which requires defense is scheduled to play a match, the team captain is required to notify the other team’s captain at least 72 hours ahead of their match.
  • CBF Zero Tolerance rules apply with respect to behaviour while playing and for all communications to do with the Online Championships, including emails.
  • If a player is disconnected for any reason and is unable to rejoin the match within 15 minutes, the match is terminated unless the players agree to wait longer. If 15 or more boards have been compared then the result of the match is official, otherwise the complete match has to be rescheduled.
  • A team which is deemed to forfeit a match shall score zero Victory Points for that match. The team winning the forfeited match will receive the greater score between: (a) 12 VP, (b) the teams average, and (c) the average score obtained by all the other opponents against the team in default.
  • Substitution Rules:

– If needed, a team may use a substitute player for a match.
No substitution is allowed in the middle of a match.
– Substitutes may not play for more than one team and are not allowed in the playoffs.
– If a substitute is needed, the team captain should email Ina Demme at with the identity of the substitute.
– When entering the results, the team captain can select “substitute” for that player.


  • The Round Robin will start October 21, 2017 and, subject to the number of participating teams in the division, should be completed by the end of February 2018 at the latest.
  • The draw and match schedules will be published shortly after the registration deadline.
  • The scheduled time for round robin matches will be Saturdays at 5:00 pm Eastern time for the Women and 0 – 2,500 Divisions, and Sundays at 5:00 pm Eastern time for the Open Division.
  • Should one or both teams wish to play the match at a different time than originally scheduled, the two team captains will be responsible for agreeing on a new match time which ideally is earlier than the originally scheduled time for the match, but in no case later than 10 days after the originally scheduled time. If the match is scheduled after the original date, Ina must be notified with the new date, otherwise a default will be entered.
  • If one, or both teams, is unable to play a match by its originally scheduled time or agree to reschedule within the period allowed, the team(s) will be considered in default and forfeit the match.

Play-Off Rules

  • The top 4 teams at the end of the round robin phase will qualify for the divisional playoff.
  • Round Robin Tie-Breaking Formula:

1) A two-way tie is broken in the following order:

a) All matches played will be scored on the basis of: WIN – 1 point; TIE – ½ point; LOSS – 0 points.
b) The result of the match between the tied teams.
c) A 5-board playoff between the tied teams. If still tied after five boards, continuing sets of five boards will be played until the tie is broken.

2) A multi-tie is broken by:

a) All matches played will be scored on the basis of: WIN – 1 point; TIE – ½ point; LOSS – 0 points.
b) Matches played between all tied teams will be scored on the basis of 2 a).
c) Victory Points of matches between all tied teams.

In the event a multi-tie is reduced in number by one of the foregoing steps, only the remaining teams should be considered in tie-breaking procedures for succeeding steps. In the event a multi-tie is reduced to two teams, the procedures for two team ties are applied.

  • The team finishing first in the round robin will choose their semi-final opponents from the teams finishing third and fourth.
  • There is no carry over from the round robin stage.
  • The semi-finals and finals are 40 board matches that are played in two halves (20 boards each). Each half may be played on a different day.
  • Each member of the team must play at least one half of the semi-final match and one half of the final match.
  • In case of a tie at the end of a semi-final or final match, the teams will play a 4 board playoff. If still tied at the end of the extra boards, continuing sets of extra 4 boards will be played until the tie is broken.

Match Set Up

  • The two team captains are responsible for agreeing on who will set up the match on BBO, and what parameters to use.
  • There are no seating rights during the round robin. Ideally, when the match is set up, each captain should provide their line-up indicating who will be sitting EW and NS, and their BBO handles.
  • If either captain is not happy with the seating arrangement, they can email Ina Demme ( at least 12 hours before the match and she will randomly assign seats. (If Ina’s team is involved in a dispute in the Women’s she will forward the request to a CBF Board member).

Recommended Match Parameters

The following match set up parameters are recommended though the two captains may mutually agree to a different set up:

  • Undos – not be allowed
  • Kibitzers – Allow Silent
  • Barometer scoring – Off/Unchecked. (so that play at each table is unaffected by the current score in the match).


  • Registration deadline is September 30, 2017
  • Should fewer than 6 teams register for any of the divisional competitions, the competition for that division shall be cancelled.


2015      Open Division:       Trish Malazdrewicz – Gerardo Malazdrewicz – Jim Mathers – Bilgin Batman – James Kirby – Karl Hicks

Women Division:    Sylvia Summers – Brenda Bryant – Pamela Nisbet – Linda Wynston – Hazel Wolpert – Barbara Saltsman

2016     Open Division:        Boris Baran – Jim McAvoy – George Mittelman – Robert Lebi – Doug Fraser – Sandra Fraser – Fred Pollack – Kamel Fergani

0 – 2,500 Division:   Bryant Town – Andrew Speers – Jason Dufault – Gary Karst – David Johnson – Mike D’Aguiar